Technology Partners

Experiential Learning

As educators, we know that knowledge on it's own does not prepare students for real-world challenges. That's why we use Practera, the leader in experiential learning platforms, to deliver our courses in the most practical way possible, often working on real challenges and with real people from all around the world, We can pair student groups with mentors and teachers to ensure that they are tackling the course content in a realistic and tangible way. We focus less on grades and more on skills development, so that our students complete the course with what they need to succeed in their chosen path.

Certification and ID

Our innovation doesn't stop at our learning platform either.

Registree is a blockchain enabled certification and identification platform that ensures ownership and control remain with the student. This means that the student decides who can view their data and when.

It also empowers employers to view filtered lists of candidates and verify that their certificates and achievements are genuine, without needing to follow up with third parties.


We've got some exciting news coming soon! Check back again to find out about our new technology partner...

We're working with global cloud CRM and ERP providers to use the power of cloud-based databases and analytics. This will empower us and our partners to see how we are performing in real-time and ensure our education offerings are hitting the mark.