The DevelopEd Team

Chris Nguyen

Insatiably curious about all things and quite fond of asking ‘why?‘ (all the time), Chris has always gravitated towards working in industries where she is able to interact and engage with lots of different people and personalities. Chris loves helping others and creating a positive (and organised) vortex wherever she may be. She has spent many invaluable years working in hospitality, the recruitment/HR space, and has now been teaching English, Social Sciences, IELTS preparation, and life skills to Myanmar learners for the past three years. She is also a freelance photographer and relishes making DevelopEd a positive force of nature in the world.

Chris believes in equality above all else and that learning opportunities should be available to everyone–regardless of their circumstance. And so, here we are.

Usually highly caffeinated, Chris is happiest, productive, and most effective when ‘doing’ rather than ‘talking’.

Mark Brown

Mark has been a teacher and researcher for many years. Teaching critical thinking, ethics, moral and political theory, human rights, and many other subjects, his research has focussed on issues in phenomenology and cognitive science. He holds a PhD and a Masters in International & Community Development.

Mark’s passion for international and community development stems from his teaching work, together with his work with refugees in Melbourne, and field work in South East Asia.

Born in the 70s and growing up in the 80s, Mark clearly recalls the various social developments of the 80s, which have instilled in him a commitment to compassion, community, and education.

Dennis Worrall

Dennis has a passion for supporting development outcomes in developing countries. By providing supported opportunity, he knows that people within communities can create their own development path.

He has a keen interest in technology and how new tech opportunities can be leveraged to maximise benefit to communities.

As an entrepreneur, he also actively looks for partnerships between communities, business, and the public sector, to identify the benefit for each stakeholder, and maximise the return on their investment.