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DevelopEd What this looks like

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Developed development education teaching classes units about english writing negotiation critical thinking politics business

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 Community Ownership

Our projects are designed to be sustainable and directed by community residents.

 We're Small Yet Mighty!

We’re small and are able to work DIRECTLY with the communities that we engage with.

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Providing QUALITY EDUCATION broadens people’s options. We all know this. This, in turn, increases their freedom to choose and pursue a livelihood they hold to be valuable. 

IMPROVING SKILLS enhances people’s abilities to effectively contribute to development initiatives across the private, public and civic sectors.

Providing TRAINING specifically in negotiation, peace studies, business studies, and economics, equips people with skill-sets that enable them to effectively contribute to existing organisations, or to creatively establish their own independent enterprises! 

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Please help us raise $10,000 on Pozible!
DevelopEd are raising funds to purchase student laptops and to engage local Myanmar teachers for our education centre in Lashio, Myanmar!