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Dennis Worrall (Financial Director)

DevelopEd Dennis Worrall
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By day, you’ll find Dennis heavily involved in the construction industry and up to his eyeballs in the management of varied and complex construction projects. No two days are ever the same and he thrives on the challenges (and semi-organised chaos) that each day presents. Dennis has been a construction industry professional for close to a decade and loves that his chosen career also lends itself extremely well to managing projects in developing countries.

“In everything I do, both professionally and personally, I strive to ‘add value’. While I realise that this may sound trite, I am constantly looking at what I do and how I do it, in order to determine if I am indeed adding value. I also strongly believe in understanding the ‘purpose’ of what I do… this is always a much more challenging proposition than it first seems. I am also a spreadsheets nerd.”

Favourite pastimes: Tinkering with spreadsheets, telling ‘Dad jokes’, spending time with friends and family. Eating ice-cream.

Worst habits: Making everything a ‘top priority’, multi-screening (i.e., working on the computer, TV, and mobile all at the same time).

What are you currently reading? The Sherlock Holmes series (by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). I like the ol’ school English and grammar. The stories become predictable after a while though. I both like and dislike the predictability depending on my mood.

This month’s earworm: ‘Opiate’ by Tool. I cannot stop humming it. Worse songs to have stuck in your head though I suppose…!

Favourite word of the month: ‘Ken’ meaning knowledge, or experience. Thanks Sherlock Holmes.

Personal DevelopEd highlight for the month (August): Talking to two wonderful contacts regarding the back-end ‘stuff’ of DevelopEd. We’ve had a brilliantly helpful discussion about our marketing material, and also about effectively measuring social assets. So inspiring for us to hear about what others are doing out there in the wide world!

Please note: Dennis did not call himself a "spreadsheets nerd" as such. That was a liberal dose of web designer's poetic licence and Dennis would like it noted for the record.
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