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Chris Nguyen (Operations Director)

Chris Nguyen DevelopEd Melbourne
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Insatiably curious about all things and quite fond of asking ‘why?‘ (all the time), Chris has always gravitated towards working in industries where she is able to interact and engage with lots of different people and personalities. Chris loves helping others and creating a positive (and organised) vortex wherever she may be. She has spent many invaluable years working in hospitality, the last five years of this life working in the recruitment/HR space, and is now a freelance photographer and embracing the challenge of making DevelopEd a positive force of nature in this world.

Chris believes in equality above all else and that learning opportunities should be available to everyone – regardless of their circumstance. And so, here we are.

Although usually a highly caffeinated chatterbox, Chris is happiest, productive, and most effective when ‘doing’ rather than ‘talking’. She is rarely found to be sitting quietly doing nothing (if it is quiet – be warned – there is most probably a new project afoot…).

Favourite pastimes: Photographing and capturing all the moments, writing, minimising my (slowly dwindling) collection of worldly possessions. And strangely, vacuuming. There. I said it.

Worst hab… Finishing other people’s sentences. Expounding the virtues of watching ‘The Sound of Music’ and ‘Sharknado’. Some would also say telling bad puns… Worst? By ‘worst’ do you mean ‘best’? Surely.

What are you currently reading?  Modern Romance: An Investigation by Aziz Ansari. Quite enjoying it too. Bemused and utterly relieved that I have completely missed this era of dating ruled by smartphones, Tinder and Snapchatting.

This month’s earworm: ‘The High Road’ by Broken Bells. An oldie but a goodie that I’m revisiting. In fact, the whole album is pretty bloody brilliant.

Favourite word(s) of the month: Pretty much every word from this list:

30 Untranslatable Words From Other Languages Illustrated By Anjana Iyer

Personal DevelopEd highlight(s) for the month: A major ’50 Shades of Yay’ moment to note. Coming back from a short out-of-country break and returning to a work site-that-is-usually-an-education-centre! DevelopEd Lashio is growing! Seeing our new classrooms slowly take shape is pretty cool – place is a hive of activity at the moment. And covered in dust (“Where is my vacuum?“). Two more classrooms, more bathrooms, plus an office going up (quite rapidly too I might add!) for 2016. Wish I’d thought to time-lapse photograph the process. Photos soon nonetheless! 

Note: Chris finds it weird writing about herself in the third person. Fact.
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